Time Travel: Fun Times?

What’s your experience with a time-travel TV show or movie? Was it uplifting? Was it an angst-filled diatribe about a dystopian future? Maybe it was a hypercautionary tale about the dangers of changing the past and potentially eliminating oneself from existence. Or maybe time travel was used to put lovers together who were impossibly separated by time.

Hmm. I wonder how Marilyn Monroe would’ve taken to me?

But all of that aside, consider the epic potential of moving back and forth in time. If you could, would you dare to live that possibility to the fullest?

There are people who live on the edge and surf giant waves, climb Antarctic mountains and snowboard in freefall out of planes. What would they do with the opportunity to travel in time? I bet they’d dream up an extreme adventure. Maybe take on the following:

  • Experience glorious victory as a Roman gladiator in the Colosseum.
    • Battle a giant sperm whale on an 18th century whaling ship.
    • Rumble with a rival motorcycle gang in 1950s America.

Those happen to be just three of the six case-studies of clients who signed on for a trip using Xtreme Time’s proprietary time-dilation technology. These adventures are documented for your reading entertainment in Extreme Sport Time Travel.

As the company logo encourages, Live Yesterday to Enrich Your Today.

Don’t settle for a mundane existence! Grab your copy of Extreme Sport Time Travel by clicking the cover below and experience your favorite extreme-sport time-travel adventure now!

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