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With the summer season upon us, I sat primed at my keyboard to extol the virtues of cargo shorts and bucking fashion trends. I planned to write about how the shorts may not be in style, but I don’t care, because they are super practical. Has there ever been anything better or more practical to carry wallets, keys, handkerchief, comb, and — if you can believe certain commercials — a pack of gum?

But because I don’t pay attention to what’s fashionable, I only just realized that shorts are de rigueur these days. Everyone is wearing them, no matter the temperature. I’ve seen people shoveling snow in them. This crazy fad overshadows my idea to shake up society by talking up the practicality of cargo shorts, fashion be damned.

So with my blog idea rendered moot, I next pondered the impracticality of fads similar to snow-shoveling in summerwear.


A few years ago, we had workmen come to the house. It was winter, and the temperature hovered around zero degrees Fahrenheit. On the Celsius scale, that’s extra brrr!

My treacherously dangerous walkways had an icy film that was as hard as concrete. Because I didn’t have a flamethrower to clear them, I’d left the garage doors open so the workmen could enter the house that way. It would minimize the walk, and the risk of breaking their necks. I’m nothing if not considerate that way — especially if lawsuits are a possibility. Plus, it was my custom to do that any time of year anyway, for people from this company that we’d used on several occasions.

I saw their truck come up the driveway, and I waited at the top of the basement stairs to greet them. A few moments later, the front doorbell rang.

What the … ?

When I opened the door, I noted a young woman in flip-flops standing on the front steps.

“We’re here to blah, blah, blah,” she said.

(She didn’t actually say blah, blah, blah.)

I was amazed that she’d unsteadily negotiated her way up three sets of steps and an icy walkway, with an open garage staring her in the face.

“Didn’t you see that the garage door was open for you?” I asked.

“Oh, I didn’t think you wanted us to enter that way,” she said, even though all of her company brethren had used that means of entry.

“Well, for future reference, that’s for your convenience.”

She thanked me and walked/wobbled back down to the truck to let her colleague know it was okay to come in the safe way. I rolled my eyes after I closed the door.

After we met at the top of the basement stairs, as was my original expectation, she and her colleague prepared their equipment for the job.

“I have to say I admire your devotion to the current styles,” I said pointing to her flip- flops and bluish toes.

“They’re very comfortable,” she replied unconvincingly.


Thankfully, for the fashion-conscious, the fad of wearing flip-flops in winter seems to have gone away. Many toes that have been saved from frostbite are still attached to their owners’ feet as a result.

But something equally foolish – such as wearing shorts to shovel snow — has replaced it. I don’t even want to imagine the body parts that are at risk with that practice. It seems as long as there are fashion fads, various body parts of the stylish will be at risk. So if you’re like me, thank your lucky stars that you’re indifferent to the new and trendy.


The End

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