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You’ll have to forgive me if my thoughts aren’t quite as coherent as usual; I’m a little sluggish and off my game. Coincidentally, this happens to me every year about this time.

So one day I asked myself, “what happens this time of year, every year?”

Oh, yeah: the powers that be screw with our biorhythms by inducing artificial jet lag.

Anyone like turning the clocks forward and back in the spring and the fall?

I was gratified to hear that there’s a movement to stop this lunacy.


Ironically, I know David Prerau, the author of Seize the Daylight. It’s a well-regarded tome on the history, science, and politics of Daylight Saving Time. And as you can guess, he’s all for it.

We’ve had occasion to meet at various social events. Thankfully, they were never around the clock-changing dates. Otherwise, I would’ve punched him by now. However, he is a nice-enough fellow, and he makes for good company at any other time of the year.

I don’t know about you, but I come out of my winter hibernation already a bit pale and groggy. The darker, colder days cause me to hole up until the first signs of backyard grilling. Until then, it’s all I can do to maintain a regular exercise regimen that involves going down into an uninvitingly frigid basement.

Then, just as I’m venturing out and getting color back in my cheeks, boom! Another shock to the system. After the time change, my body doesn’t know when to wake up or go to sleep.

Vexing questions arise during this time, too. Will it be darker in the morning or at night? How shall I program the outdoor lights? Will I remember to reset the thermostats so that the house is warm when I get out of bed?

And woe is the person who doesn’t reprogram the coffeemaker to be ready first thing in the morning. As Jack Palance’s Boss Grissom once told Jack Nicholson’s Joker in Batman 1989: your life won’t be worth spit.

This is all stuff that I can do without. I just want to go from March into April in that Comfortably Numb daze that Pink Floyd sang about. Having to think about turning clocks ahead uses up neural capacity that I’ll need for organizing my taxes.

But that’s another story.


The End


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