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Do you recognize these things? Ever heard of Legacy Shave?

You may have seen your grandfather use them, if not your father. Instead of shaving cream that sprayed out of a can, they made their own: they put shaving soap in a cup, added water, and whipped it into a lather with a brush. Then they applied the concoction to their faces with that same brush. It was labor-intensive.

Those old things came back into the public consciousness recently, courtesy of an episode of Shark Tank. A couple of entrepreneurial brothers, the Gutows, founded a company called Legacy Shave. It was based on an invention that they’d shelved for more than 25 years.


Why did they dust it off? They got a message from their father, from beyond the grave.

He’d been alive when they invented it for him. Apparently the action of brushing shaving cream is healthy for the skin. Using their gizmo eliminated his razor burn and shaving bumps. There was less waste, too.

Years later, he passed away from cancer. And when they went to empty his house, they found 3,000 prototypes of their invention that he’d made to keep himself busy while undergoing treatment.

They also found a note from him to them:

Don’t wait. Life’s short. Take the shot.

One of the TV-show sharks, Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, aka the most unsentimental man you’re ever likely to meet, teared up. But then to save face (no pun intended), he squashed Mike Gutow’s hopes for a deal with him. Thankfully another shark, Lori Greiner, gave him a deal.


What caught my attention about Legacy Shave was the reduction of wasted shaving cream. When you spray a dollop of shaving cream in your hand to apply it to your face, at least half of it remains in your hand, and gets rinsed down the drain.

It’s like flushing money.

My uncle used to rail at the shaving companies for all the money they extracted from men. (I suppose it’s healthy to have a cause you believe in.) On principle, he refused to succumb to their propaganda, and he shaved with plain old soap and water. And let me tell you, his complexion had the healthy glow of aged beef.


Maybe his attitude infected me as I watched Shark Tank. Here is my purchase, pictured below. The brush nozzle thing fits any can of shaving cream or gel. The lubricant comes out of the middle of the brush — and I have, in fact, been using smaller dollops.

Legacy Shave Brush

One does have to rinse the brush after every shave, so it remains to be seen if I’ll use four times less lubricant, as advertised. However, the novelty of it has made me look forward to shaving. I may not be quite as happy as the user pictured below, but I’m pretty close. Ask me about it again, after a couple of cans.

Legacy Shave Brush Can


The End