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Where do round rolling objects go when they fall off a table?

The other day I resolved to do some edge-trimming around my yard. We’ve had a spate of rainy days lately, and I knew that if I didn’t tackle the periphery of the lawn soon, I’d need a machete instead of a string trimmer.

Locating the bag with the spare wire spools for the trimmer, I dumped it out on top of the washing machine. It was convenient to use as a tabletop, because there were other bits of lawn- equipment parts that I’d have to sort through.

Sure enough, a spool of wire rolled off the washing machine. I heard it fall to the floor, but I ignored it for the moment as I pocketed some other spools instead. How hard could it be to find? I reasoned. It’s bright red and orange.

Damned if I could find that spool.


The more I looked, the more flummoxed I became. Finally, using psychology, I postulated that if I were a spool, looking to escape detection, I’d go to the most-inconvenient place: under the washing machine. Moving it and tipping it up revealed nothing.

I started to widen my search. After all, rolling objects can roam away from the immediate area. Using powerful LED lights, I expanded the search area and used a systematic grid pattern. Not a trace!

Conclusion: the spool is well-and-truly gone.

If nothing else, this frustrating episode proves that extra dimensions must exist. Otherwise, if it was in our universe, I would’ve found the stupid thing.

Ever had to give up on locating an item that should’ve been easy to find?

The End


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