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Do you know what UAPs are? The mystery of them is enough to warrant serious Congressional hearings — not just the manufactured ones designed for political posturing. This subject is that important.

UAPs are Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. You may find other definitions too, like “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon” or “Unidentified Anomalous Phenomenon.” But basically we’re talking UFOs here. I don’t have to define that for anyone, right?


The so-called “whistleblower hearing” occurred in the summer of 2023. Its purpose was to create better procedures for military pilots to report extraordinary encounters; ideally, without being persecuted for doing so. The hearing can be seen on YouTube.

As I started to watch the two-hour-plus spectacle, I had to replay certain segments a few times to make sure I’d heard what I thought I’d heard. After I determined that my ears hadn’t deceived me, I checked to make sure I wasn’t watching a movie.

I wasn’t.

Judging by the hearing’s superlatively qualified witnesses, it seems that the human race is encountering in reality what the fictional Dr. Heywood Floyd described as evidence of intelligent life off the Earth. And as he said in 2001: A Space Odyssey, it’s the most significant discovery in the history of science.

Given all of that and more, don’t you marvel at how this monumental story gets overshadowed in the media by other concerns? Granted, the British royalty, or Taylor and Travis, or the Academy Awards, do deserve prime consideration.

That’s sarcasm.


So let’s get into it. Three unimpeachable witnesses — Ryan Graves, David Grusch and David Fravor — fielded questions from the committee. They talked about their experiences with UAPs, and the willful suppression of that information.

Ryan Graves is a former U.S. Navy fighter pilot. He, and at least one other pilot, had an encounter with a grayish-black cube inside of a transparent sphere. It split their formation with impossible maneuverability.

David Grusch is an Air Force veteran and he’s a former member of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. He also served as a National Reconnaissance Officer for the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force.

David Fravor is a retired Navy pilot and Commander of VFA-41 fighter squadron, also known as The Black Aces. He participated in what is known as the most well-documented and credible encounter with a UAP. The tic-tac-shaped object exhibited a material science and propulsion not known on Earth.


Here are the highlights that surprised me most. I’ve time-stamped them by when they occurred in the hearing.


0:26  Ryan Graves testified that UAP sightings are a lot more frequent than we’ve been led to believe. So frequent, in fact, that pilots are prepped on them in all preflight briefings.


0:31  David Grusch confirmed what the public (and fiction writers) have long since suspected: The U.S. government has a decades-old program to retrieve and reverse-engineer UAPs.


1:06:50  David Grusch testified that he’s met agents of the government who have been in physical contact with craft of nonhuman origin.


1:48:50  When asked if he believed that the government has extraterrestrials from crashed UAPs, David Grusch answered that non-human biologics have been recovered.


(What stood out to me from the exchanges between the witnesses and the questioners was that the government, as they referenced it, seemed to be separate from Congress. I’ve always thought that the Congress was part of the government. They’re clearly in the dark about some covert programs.)


1:52  David Fravor reported that his plane could not get a radar lock on the tic-tac-shaped UAP that he encountered — despite four sets of eyes on it, as well as ship-based radar.


1:53  Fravor responded to a questioner that no known aircraft could’ve shot it down.


1:56:50  When the pilots were asked if they could’ve defended themselves if the UAPs became hostile, Ryan Graves and David Fravor said, “absolutely not.”


In summation, military pilots encounter UAPs all the time. The long-rumored covert government program to glean supertechnology from crashed UAPs is real. These craft are a product of nonhuman designers. And if these designers have ill intent, there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.


Ever see the movie Aliens? If so, you may remember when Ripley tried to warn her debriefers about the aliens, and they wouldn’t take her seriously. Out of frustration, she exploded:

God damn it, that’s not all! ‘Cause if one of those things gets down here, then that will be all! And all this, this bullshit that you think is so important, you can just kiss all that goodbye!


Of course, she was talking about monsters instead of sentient pilots of interstellar vehicles — but it’s still chilling! Or is it exciting? I’d love to get my hands on some of that supertech.


In any case, given promises of more transparency with the public in these matters, the mainstream media may finally prioritize any startling news concerning extraterrestrial visitors. But now, in the world of sports …


The End

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