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You know the phrase, ‘I think therefore I am’? Well I write novels therefore I am literate. Well, sort of. Thankfully, there are enough like-minded adults to have encouraged my novel writing habit by actually paying for them. So much so that I’ve been honored to be invited on and participate in nationally syndicated radio and local TV talk shows.

I truly got something from the creative exercise of writing Future Perfect, The Kennedy Effect and both volumes of Ghosts of Forgotten Empires. But by far the biggest payback, the thing that justified those late nights agonizing over every word was interacting with readers who admitted to losing themselves in my stories. To escape into some fantastic realm of heroic and wondrous adventure is the goal for me when I read. If I can illicit that same feeling in others… well that’s my real currency.

Recently, however, I’ve come to grips with the huge amount of work that writing novels entails. When balanced against the running of a recruiting business by day I’ve set myself up for a daunting work load. I think it’s time for a nice long hiatus. That’s a vacation but with a college education. Still, I can’t not write. And I would miss the thrill that I get by gaining new readers and continuing to entertain existing ones.

What to do? I know. I’ll publish short stories on my author site. Like my novels, they’ll have an Alternate Reality and/or Star Trek connection and/or Star Trek connection true to the tastes of Cord Devlin, my Trek obsessed hero from Ghosts of Forgotten Empires. I’ll sell them for short money. And by short I mean free. My only compensation will be new fans, people to sign up on my website to be notified of my latest short works of fiction. My currency will not be dollars. My total reason for writing will be new signees.

That said I’d like to issue a challenge. If you like the short stories I post on my blog,, please forward to three friends to read and enjoy as well. They’ll have the opportunity to forward to three others. Knowing that I’m entertaining a growing pool of readers, even without the typical monetary rewards, will help me justify more writing projects.



  • Dateline Sept. 19th/20th:

Michael J. Foy co-hosted the nationally syndicated Science Fiction Hour with Jordan Rich on WBZ radio Saturday September 20th.

  • Dateline August 25th:

Michael J. Foy interviewed by Rob Hakala on WATD radio, Monday morning at 8:40 AM Eastern time.


  • The book series Ghosts of Forgotten Empires starring Cord Devlin introduced to the public and shared on YouTube in a Steve Jobs style revolutionary new product introduction.


  • Cord Devlin, hero of Ghosts of Forgotten Empires, interviewed on YouTube at:



Michael J. Foy also made the following appearances

among others to discuss previous books:

Television Interviews: 

“The Literati Scene” with Smoki Bacon and Dick Concannon on BNN Television 23 in Boston.

“Inside Marshfield” a local town cable outlet.

“The Bernie Lynch Show” a local Milton, Massachusetts cable outlet program.

Radio interviews:

 “1550 Today” on WNTN-AM, Newton-Boston, MA.
WQRT-AM, Cincinnati, OH.

That show also aired on 10 channels including KXKS-AM, Albuquerque, NM;
WSKY-AM, Ashville, NC and WYYC-AM, York, PA.

“The Jordan Rich Show” on WBZ-AM, Boston, MA. Listeners heard the program on affiliated stations across 38 states.

Michael has been interviewed on WATD morning radio.

Book signings:

Harvard Coop“, 1400 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

Plymouth Public Library. 132 South St., Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360