How to Attract a Contractor

I just saw a TV commercial for what must be some kind of insurance company. As a homeowner, you pay a monthly fee — and then, when some inevitable repair crops up, they cover the cost in full. Or at least that’s what they claimed in the ad.

My guess is that there is some fine print someplace that lets them off the hook if, let’s say, your house has bathrooms. Or you use the stove more than once a month. Or you’re right-handed.

We’re Only Here for a Blink — But it’s a Looong Blink

I recently watched a great movie called Hidden Figures. It was my second viewing since it came out in 2017. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and rent it or stream it.

The plot focuses on three little-known African American women who were key contributors to the success of the early space program.

The movie is equal measures inspirational and embarrassing. All three women possessed singular skills and were vital to the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs. Yet because of their ethnicity, they had to overcome unfair hurdles to make their contributions. Mathematician Katherine Johnson, for instance, had to make 40-minute round-trips to the “Colored” bathroom.

From Whom Would You Accept A Lecture?

I’m an adult. And I have been for a while now, despite evidence that may suggest otherwise. This status eventually comes to us all, and it entails certain privileges. When you’re in the club, for example, you don’t have to

eat Brussels sprouts if you don’t want to




abide by anyone else’s rules, because you’re probably under your own roof



be home on time. You can stay out until 10, or maybe even 11 pm.




But here’s the really cool thing: