It’s the early 1960s and we are being visited by a people indistinguishable from ourselves. They have a vastly superior technology but they are not from another planet or from the future. They are our neighbors from a nearby parallel universe, another earth. And they are particularly interested in November 22, 1963, the day President Kennedy is assassinated.

This other earth has a covert Agency that monitors parallel realities. They are policemen trying to prevent reality hopping malcontents from influencing local time lines. Why is that such a big deal? If events in one time line become too similar to that of an adjacent universe then those parallel universes may touch. This has happened before. The singularity point where they touched is called the big bang. In other words the end of existence in two universes were it to happen again.

Should Kennedy live or should he die? If he lives, how will his continued influence threaten the safety of the local universe?

This is what concerns the Agency. Unfortunately they’re opposed by another group from their own universe called Religionists. Their twisted philosophy demands the destruction of all but their own reality.

What does this conflict mean to our earth and our people? Are we on the path to the end of existence or is there a different destiny that awaits us at the hands of these interlopers?