“Guaranteed—when you read Michael J. Foy you’re in for quitea trip. To the ends of the earth, the galaxy and beyond. Mike’s books takethe readeron asuper cool ride through time and space. He’s writing very original and exciting fiction!”

Jordan Rich, Nationally syndicated radio talk show host
Chart Productions, inc
WBZ Radio




Author Michael J. Foy continues his exploration of the outrageously exciting in his latest—Ghosts of Forgotten Empires, Volume 1. Trained as an engineer, Foy has a lot of ideas—a lot!—about what in the universe could be possible, and Ghosts of Forgotten Empires leads the reader into fantastically unexpected territory with a steady flow of outside-the-box imaginings and quirky-fun twists that turn the story on its head to leave the reader goggle eyed with jaw hanging open. Yup. In short, the novel is quite a read for anyone who loves mind-blowing adventure in a surprisingly logical package of amazing possibility.

–G. Miki Hayden, author of the NYTimes plauded alternative history novel Pacific

             Empire and the eBook Jesus of Nazareth, which posits how the lost years of Jesus might

have transpired


“If you enjoy a history lesson while reading your science fiction novels; you will want to include “Ghosts of Forgotten Empires Vol. 1″ on your reading list this year.  With a combination of Norse mythology, Egyptian archaeology, alien spaceships (of course) and deep personal loss experienced through our hero, Cord Devlin, you will experience a hot national security thriller!”

Jennifer Harris, Assistant Director of the Plymouth, Massachusetts Public Library