The man with the best chance to save humanity from a mortal otherworldly threat is dead. Freelance intelligence agent Cord Devlin had been endowed with god-like abilities after the discovery of ancient and possibly alien artifacts made him nearly invincible. Unfortunately, his similarly endowed foes were able to ambush the weakened agent after a titanic struggle in the bowels of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. But as any student of Star Trek knows death can be just the beginning and there’s no greater student of Star Trek than Cord Devlin.

    With his Uncle Jamie’s seemingly supernatural help Cord takes the long road back to existence. Along the way he’s introduced to some startling if not unsettling truths about his family history and why Jamie is able to join him in a realm of thought absent of any physical media. He’s also made privy to why humanity has an ax to grind with certain aliens and the price some other aliens paid as a result. Can Cord use his unique heritage to tap the secrets of a forgotten empire to defeat humanity’s earthly and unearthly enemies?