“Anyone who enjoys a puzzle and some innovative science along the way will appreciate what Michael Foy has created with this material.”
—G. Mike Hayden, author of Writing the Mystery

What readers are saying:

“The pacing on this book never lets up. A remarkable thing considering the many settings that the reader passes through. One knows they are in for something unusual when this apparent Western starts off from the vantage point of a satellite in 1868. From there the memory challenged protagonist is frequently startled when mental images of airplanes and cell phones intrude. A compelling puzzle that leads the hero and the reader inexorably onward. Suffice it to say, however, that this isn’t the only surprise nor even the biggest in store. There’s always something on the next page worth learning. Its difficult not to keep reading to find out.”
—Kyle Jensen

“Great read, couldn’t put it down. This book covered all corners of the earth and took you from the depths of the ocean to the limits of the sky. Many preconceptions as you read are proved false with concise reasoning as to why. A great book if your imagination can handle the unexpected.”
—Ted Bradley

“This is a great read for anyone, not just sci fi lovers. I enjoyed the book and the many twists to the story line. It always kept me interested in what the next page would bring.”
—Susie Marquardt

“Wow, what a magnificent book- it has everything ie. mystery, intrigue, science, ecology, politics, suspense, conspiracies, treachery, little bit of sex- the whole ball of wax.”
—Jack Hobbs