New Cold War

The New Cold War Influences Fictional Thrillers

Ongoing tensions among the major world powers have once again brought the concept of a Cold War to the forefront of the public consciousness. This New Cold War has had a significant impact on the world of fiction -- particularly in the realm…
Tombstone-Arizona-main street

Tombstone Arizona Hotels for Sci-Fi?

A hotel stay in Tombstone, Arizona brings alive a legendary Wild West town experience. No surprise there. But did you also know of an iconic Sci-Fi connection? Tombstone, Arizona, hotels attract tourists from all over the world. The town…
Star Trek Movies

Star Trek Movies Take You on a Star Journey

That quote by Zefram Cochrane came from one of the best Star Trek movies in the franchise: Star Trek: First Contact. The heroic crew of the Enterprise had to travel back in time to meet the venerated inventor of warp drive: Dr. Cochrane. The…