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Rolling Objects: A Lost Dimension

Where do round rolling objects go when they fall off a table? The other day I resolved to do some edge-trimming around my yard. We’ve had a spate of rainy days lately, and I knew that if I didn’t tackle the periphery of the lawn soon, I’d need a machete instead of a string trimmer. […]


One day in the middle of the week, my wife and I decided to treat ourselves to breakfast out. There’s a spot we favor these days that has been consistently good in terms of delicious cuisine appeal. Their bacon is the best. And no, it’s not the International House of Pancakes. When we entered the […]

Ireland Roots Revisited

When I was a kid, whenever my parents accumulated enough vacation time, the family headed to Ireland. We lived in Boston, and I’d never seen Cape Cod, New Hampshire, Florida, or any of the popular getaway destinations for other New Englanders. But I saw a ton of Ireland. Or more precisely, I saw a ton […]

Dental Insurance

Advanced warning: The following plunges the reader into the world of Dental Insurance. It isn’t for the faint of heart. That tooth’s got to come out. Ever hear your dentist utter that phrase? Yikes! I say that not because of any physical pain that you may be in for, but for the financial pain. In […]

Trip Computer Cluster****

On the bottom of the speedometer on a Nissan Murano SUV, there’s a digital display called the trip computer. As you can guess, it lists things such as mileage, fuel economy, time since last set, and even temperature. You toggle through those options. My wife and I have Muranos. One day she came home and […]

Boston’s Sports Championships Drought

It’s been five soul-crushing years since any professional team in the Boston area has won a sports championship. Since the turn of the millennium, Boston teams have won 12 sports championships                                           2001 New England Patriots won the Super Bowl 2003 Patriots won the Super Bowl 2004 Patriots won the Super Bowl 2004 Boston Red […]

July 4th in Canada

I don’t drive around in a pickup truck with an American flag waving from the flatbed. But I am patriotic. It’s just not top-of-mind … typically. In 2022, because of quirks in family schedules, I found myself in Canada on July 4th. We were there for about a week, with American Independence Day smack in […]

I, Introvert

The week before Memorial Day, before the island got too crazy with holiday-weekend crowds, my wife and I stayed at an inn on Nantucket. We pretty much had the island to ourselves. For an introvert that was great. Having been there many times before, we hit up our favorite walking-tour sites. I was also prepared […]


The New Cold War Influences Fictional Thrillers

Ongoing tensions among the major world powers have once again brought the concept of a Cold War to the forefront of the public consciousness. This New Cold War has had a significant impact on the world of fiction — particularly in the realm of thrillers. How the New Cold War Influences Fictional Thrillers The current […]


Tombstone Arizona Hotels for Sci-Fi?

A hotel stay in Tombstone, Arizona brings alive a legendary Wild West town experience. No surprise there. But did you also know of an iconic Sci-Fi connection? Tombstone, Arizona, hotels attract tourists from all over the world. The town is popular for its rich history and numerous outdoor activities. From touring the famous site of […]