Guess Where This Is?

I’m going to describe a social-gathering fail. We’ve all seen it on TV, or read about it in various media. See if you can guess where this occurs:

People from various walks of life gather to finally relax with a few drinks after an arduous day. Some still wear dust on their clothes from their respective trails.

Settling in, a distinctive buzz fills the room as they mingle. Some enjoy music while others enjoy the conversation. Liquor starts to flow, and flirting begins with the prettiest female attendants. They dress provocatively, as is custom for the establishment.

But then a man shoves another man, who bumps up against him while seated. The other man shoves back. A fist is thrown, and the fight is on.

During the fight, a couple of others are jostled as they try to enjoy their drinks. They stand up and enter the melee.

One of the female employees tries to intervene. She’s inadvertently knocked down by the combatants. This brings the man who served the drinks into the fray. But the pseudo-barkeep is outnumbered, and he fails to separate the fighters.

More people are discomfited by the ill-mannered patrons. Tempers flare, and we end up with a full-blown brawl on our hands. A marshal happens to be in attendance, and he adds his weight to the beleaguered staff.


Any guesses as to where this is? Did anyone think of a saloon in the Old West? How about the feature match at a World Wrestling Entertainment event?

Those are worthy answers. But would you be surprised if it happened to be on a plane?

I read yet another account of passenger misbehavior the other day, and I wondered what’s causing it. This hardly ever happened before. What’s the difference?

Two possibilities could be exacerbating the problem:

  • People aren’t as well-behaved as they used to be.
  • Airlines treat people like cattle.

I don’t really know if this is the case for Generation X, Y, or Z but what I hear is that they’re more entitled than the preceding generations and are more likely to act up if they’re not getting their way.


Like I said, I’m not a student of the assigned characteristics of these new generations, and I take the labels with a grain of salt.

What I am pretty sure of, however, is that flying is a lot less fun than it used to be. Given my most recent experiences, I’d say it’s downright miserable. There’s no such thing as a non-crowded flight anymore; the TSA treats you like a criminal before you get on the plane; and the flight staff don’t seem nearly as nice.

I realize this goes back a ways, but airlines used to sell a “party in the sky” experience. But that was in the days of roomy seats, free-flowing spirits, and smiling stewardesses as opposed to flight attendants. These days, is anyone up for a “prison bus to Leavenworth” vibe?

It could well be a combination of the generational factor and the modern flying experience. But if so, I’d weight the latter as the bigger contributor.

Agreed? Or would you add a third possibility?


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