I Lived Again!

For the first time in months my wife and I bravely went out in public intending to recreate and grab a bite at a restaurant. After all it was July 4th and we had nothing better to do than to risk life and limb for some tempered social contact. We have already met with friends and relatives both at our house and at theirs but this was the first time in a long time we ventured out amongst a crowd of strangers.

As is our habit we headed toward the Cape, or Cape Cod as the rest of country calls it. There’s swimming, mini-golf, biking, walking and dining opportunities mostly within sight of scenic shoreline vistas. For the idle rich there’s also golf that’s not so mini. The first and last days of a three day holiday weekend are when people are going to or leaving their specific destinations. We chose the middle day so traffic was more manageable.

One of our favorite biking/walking paths is called the Path of the Shining Sea in Falmouth. Although it was crowded we secured a parking space with relative ease. Without needing to unload bikes we took to the path almost immediately after a bit of a false start when I had to backtrack to retrieve my mask. The new normal, you know.

The path was well traveled. Like us, everyone looked like they were about to rob the stage coach. At every opportunity, however, we dropped our masks for fresh air whenever we found sufficient space between us and the other desperadoes.

The Path of the Shining Sea is so named since the sun typically sparkles on the water of Nantucket Sound. It has to do with the angle of the shoreline relative to the daytime sun but the effect is quite pretty. Cloudy conditions muted that effect on this day so we just made do with the pleasant walk and the rest of the scenery.

On the way back we took a less traveled detour onto an unpaved but mowed path through the woods. Deep forest green enveloped us as the sounds of civilization faded further and further in the distance. It was like going back in time. Bird song grew louder whereby I mentioned to my wife that it wasn’t real birds but Indians trying to sound like birds as they set up their ambush. She got the heebie jeebies. Part of the fun. But no one met us coming the other way and we were able to let our masks down.

With our walk behind us we took a little drive around Falmouth to Woods Hole where the Oceanographic Institute resides. The little town was bustling but in a safe way with appropriate masking and social distance. As is my habit I mentioned I was hungry. It’s a chronic condition of mine that I can never seem to shake. So off we went to a favorite restaurant, the Flying Bridge, at Falmouth Harbor.

There was outdoor dining only but that was perfectly fine with us. Other differences since the last time we were there included no table condiments, individually wrapped cutlery and one disposable menu per table. Still, it was a glorious day out and nothing could spoil it. Not even when they placed my pickle spear inside my fried cod sandwich. An egregious error that I would’ve bristled at any other time but not today. I lived again and it was great.

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  1. Veronica says

    Sounds like a lovely day 🙂

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