Re-entering Life

Very soon, for reasons that could equally be called prudent or reckless, the economy will re-open with adequate testing capacity be damned. Depending on where you are will dictate how quickly this happens and in what stages. But as I understand it, there’ll be a new normal until a vaccine is perfected about 12 to 18 months from now. Please note that the 12 to 18 months estimate hasn’t changed for a couple of months. Shouldn’t the estimate be down to 10 to 16? But I digress. I’d like to imagine what the pre-vaccine normal will look like.

We’ve already gotten a preview from the more cautious citizenry. And it’s not pretty. Most everyone will be wearing latex gloves and masks. Some of the masks will be jury rigged pieces of cloth of various types and some lucky people will have medical grade masks. Others will get creative. One time when I went to the museum of food, or the supermarket as my wife calls it, I did a double take when I saw a fellow wearing a kid’s space helmet. Wow, I thought. Where can I get one?
Anyway, I have a few painters’ masks left over from about a decade ago when I got the crazy notion to paint a room in my house. Thankfully the notion passed and now I have these unused breathing restrictors. I wonder if there’s a way to use the paint stirrers and brushes.

Social distancing will still be a requirement but I’d like to think the enforcement will be a bit more relaxed. Did you hear the story of the fellow who got in trouble for paddle boarding in the Pacific? Now, I do pretty well on geography questions on Trivial Pursuit and I can definitively say that the Pacific Ocean is the biggest expanse on the planet. Yet that wasn’t enough room for this guy. What could the Coast Guard have said to him? Hey you, pull over? He didn’t resist. He managed to pull over near a strip of land that some people call California.

In summary, we’re about to embark on a new and somewhat dangerous adventure. Here’s hoping that all of us take the necessary precautions to come out safely on the other side.

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