Am I A Luddite?

For the past several weeks now my iPhone is becoming less and less capable. I first started noticing things like the YouTube app refusing to work. Then phone calls became less and less reliable. Now the phone doesn’t connect at all and I can’t respond to people calling me. This is quite troubling given that it’s a PHONE. About the only thing it does still do are texts. And even those are getting a little suspect.

Now in fairness I am writing this on April 1st and perhaps by tomorrow the big joke will be revealed and the phone will revert to its peak functionality.

During these times of social isolation we need our phones to connect with people that we might otherwise meet face to face. So even though my heart’s fondest wish is that my iPhone will correct itself, my brain tells me “it’s an iPhone 4s, you moron”.

Am I a Luddite (someone who resists new technology) for hanging on to it so long? Is the iPhone 5 out yet? Guess I’ll have to look into that. I hear that newer phones are bigger. I’ll miss the handy palm size of my 4s. S stands for Siri for all my fellow Luddites. I love Siri. I’ve used the heck out of her for questions like “How far is the earth to the moon?”, “What’s the fastest land animal?” and other questions that come up all too frequently in everyday life.

Anyway, I’ve come to accept that my phone has finally given up the ghost. I’m going to have to go shopping.

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  1. Lei Lani says

    I still have a Samsung Haven (flip phone). Does that make me Triassic, or just Neolithic?

    You should get whatever technology inspires you to write more Cord Devlin – I miss him!

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