Cord Devlin



This is the story of a boy named Cord,

Who on family trips could become quite bored.


Frequently abroad for dad’s International Diplomacy,

Cord had to make time at the American Embassy.


One day, however, he chanced to view,

An old TV show from out of the blue.


There were funny names like Kirk and Spock,

But the science fiction was far from Schlock.


Star Trek had starships, aliens and planets galore,

And featured a crew that thirsted for more.


On a ship called Enterprise they sailed the stars,

Impossibly farther than the orbit of Mars.


Cord dutifully studied the plots of the show,

Re-watching the episodes each one in a row.


As an adult, he entered the intelligence game,

Where his colleagues thought his obsession quite lame.


When enemy agents forced the use of a taser.

He’d wax poetic on firing a phaser.


When dangerous car chases strained a fast motor,

Cord sang the praises of a matter transporter.


When an aggressive China lashed out from Beijing,

Cord recited the lesson of Khan Noonien Singh.


Cord’s juvenile passion often flustered his mentor,

But Admiral McMaster could think of none better.


When Ghosts of Forgotten Empires menaced humanity,

It took Cord Devlin to resist with fearsome finality.


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